COVID-19 Anomaly Detection System

Deal with COVID-19 Predictions and Operational Issues Confidently

SAI is a visionary in AI and Machine Learning technologies. Company brings innovationfor healthcare organizations to address COVID-19 pandemic challenges. We bring COVID-19 Anomaly Detection, Outliers and provide Classifications using the advanced AI engine.

  • Detection of COVID-19 Abnormal Behavior
  • Identify COVID-19 disease pattern symptoms and detect patient’s abnormal behavior

  • COVID-19 Unknown Traces
  • Behavior pattern recognition system will discover unknown traces in early stages of COVID-19 disease, provides patient immediate diagnosis.

  • Symptom investigation & response
  • Unified AI and data analytics will provide Doctors and Providers with context ualized in telligence toreduce response time.

  • Anomaly Detection Results
  • SAI COVID-19 Anomaly Detection System results Abnormal behavior,Outliers detection and provide Classifications. True Positive results provides the hospitals and healthcare providers to treat COVID-19 patients effectively

    COVID-19 Predictive Matrix:



  • TCO will be reduced from 25% to 35%
  • Automation of data analysis brings down resources cost & error rate
  • Avoid major catastrophic situations &COVID-19risk reduction for the patients
  • Predictive Intelligencereduces death rates
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
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