SAI Technology (SAI) is an innovative provider of Cloud Communications-as-a-service (CCaaS). SAI provides workflow security in all cloud topologies. SAI delivers DATA/VIDEO security for all cloud communications solutions that help organizations store and protect critical data from Cyber attacks with SAI Cloud Secure solutions. SAI enables companies to effectively meet the Cyber Security complex features with high availablity, failover for mission critical applications. SAI has an impeccable track record on delivering secure live migration of VM clusters in multi-tenancy with Agility, Scalability, Automation and Efficiency.

Products and Solutions
  • CS-Communications
  • CS-Video?
  • CS-Storage
  • SAI public and private cloud implementation empowers rich diversity of use cases to boost agility, efficiency, provisioning, and user experience there by enabling customers to achieve a high degree of security and automation. SAI Cloud platform has impeccable commitment to deliver lower TCO and higher ROI for the customers incorporating the cloud leading KPI’s and cloud market drivers, additionally our cloud platform is dedicated to generate productivity gains and high availability experience to our end customers. SAI Technology security recently embarked upon a disruptive and virtual security solutions, which besides being state of the art CISS-Defender in the Cloud is also known for thread analytics and reporting. SAI’s integrated Cyber security through convergent/Unified communication and Storage solutions. SAI’s Cloud platform provides the following compelling differentiators in hypervisor agnostic manner.

  • As a virtual CISS-Defender in the cloud, it executes state of the art IDS/IPS, besides SSL, spam filtering, malware and provides utmost granularity for state-full inspections and various state tables.

  • We support all VPN’s, Firewalls with various versions underlying Layer 2 tunnels.

  • Our Virtual CISS-Defender in the cloud empowers high availability, recovery from fail over, WAN optimization through built-in Load balancing features.

  • SAI's rich intellectual property in convergence and communications has enabled us to raise the bar of application delivery in the cloud.

  • Deep Expertise and Commitment to Innovation

    SAI has continued to stay ahead of the innovation curve – and has applied this philosophy to rapidly address the cyber security challenges through enterprise communication and cloud collaboration risks. SAI has patented and unparalleled disruptive technology solutions for Communications, Video and Storage with Security. Use Cases

    SAI provides the most innovative and advanced Cyber secure networks for both Private and Public Communications, Video and Storage Cloud Solutions. It is designed for various vertical applications such as Enterprise, Medical, Media, and content delivery applications. Typical use cases of SAI Cloud Secure solutions include large, multi-tenant, highly automated, and security sensitive cloud infrastructures, such as Security-as-a-Service (SasS), Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), in various verticals like Enterprise, Health care, Retail, Banks, Entertainment, E-Commerce, Media Cloud, etc.