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Next Gen Unified Healthcare practice should be about helping patients

SAI Technology empower the transformation of Next Generation Health Care. You deserve a partner that can help navigate the journey of value-based care and ensure the best possible patient outcomes. We partner with practices of all sizes and specialties with our best ideas, capabilities, and support. The goal? Healthier patients and happier providers.


We are a leading Next Gen Cloud AI Unified Healthcare solutions provider on a relentless quest to improve the lives of those who practice medicine and their patients. We enable the Healthcare solutions Cloud Lab Information Management System (LIMS), Long Term Acute Care (LTAC), and Remote Patient Diagnostics and Real Time Monitoring capability.


We support the providers of care and the communities they serve.


Our comprehensive, integrated technology with Unified Tele-Health Platforms and services platform supports end to end and specialty practices of all sizes. Integrated with Doctor Practice, EHR, LIMS, Diagnostics and Tele-Health, Collaboration, Built-in Security, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) with MedTech device and applications

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