Defense Routers

4G LTE 11ac Eagle Enterprise Router


SAI’s leading product is the Eagle 4G LTE cloud wireless broadband router. The Eagle router is perfect for enterprise class network applications. Designed in compliance with IEEE802.11ac and backwards compatibility with IEEE802.11a/b/g/n standards; the Eagle router uses MIMO 3x3 technology to provide data transmissions of up to 1300 + 450 Mbps and a coverage of over 100m indoors/300m outdoors.

It supports 3G/4G LTE USB data dongle cards. The Eagle device provides many high-end router functions such as VRRP, Routes, Auto Fail-Over, Port Forwarding, Advanced wireless security and IPSec Tunneling to enable robust networking configurations for a reliable network.



  • 802.11ac  dual band 2.4ghz and 5ghz
  • Datacard dongle support 3G, 4G and LTE
  • 1300 mbps + 450 mbps ultra – fast speeds
  • HD video streaming


  • Carrier fiber optic service router
  • Cloud router
  • SMB router
  • Enterprise router
  • Cyber Secure router


  • Gigabit Wireless AND Ethernet Connections
  • Advanced Encryption Technologies and Access Control
  • Optimized WAN speeds
  • Multimedia High Performance
  • Stream HD videos, Gaming, VOiP, Business Apps, Email, Web Surfing
  • The router prioritizes incoming data by its importance using advanced QoS (Quality of Service) design.
  • Supports Cable, DSL, ethernet WAN, Fiber, T1, E1, WiMAX, 3G/4G and LTE
  • User Friendly GUI
  • SmartPhone Tethering
  • Use your IPhone or Android Tethering capabilities to provide internet access
  • 3G/4G or LTE USB Dongle connectivity with auto-failover
  • Why pay for cable/DSL if you have a 3G/4G Dongle. Provide internet access to your network using the dongle or use it as a backup internet connection if you cable/dsl goes down automatically.
  • The Eagle can be setup so there is no point of failure. Within seconds, a router losing connectivity due to a wired connection (DSL, Cable, etc) problem can switch over to a backup wireless 3G/4G or LTE connection from a USB dongle. This can ensure you have minimal downtime. Other options can further enhance your reliability as well.
  • Backwards compatible with Wireless b/g/n/ac technology
  • Advanced Router Options
  • (VRRP, RIP, DMZ Host, DHCP Server, OMA-DM, Port Forwarding, FOTA via User GUI)

Enterprise Technology

Forest Forest

Establish a robust enterprise network with the EAGLE router via optional Enterprise Software Packages.

Network control can be managed via SAI software applications such as TR-069 or E-OAM support for allowing administrators to remotely manage network devices, schedule time for synchronized firmware upgrades, or troubleshoot and analyze network conditions.

Advanced encryption technologies and Access Control

Security Protocols

IPSec, NAT, GRE, SSH,CLI & State-full Packet Firewall

Custom Optional Management Features

  • Remote management and configuration via SSH and CLI
  • Monitor and manage router remotely using SNMP V2
  • E-OAM
  • Load Balancing
  • RRM
  • Spectrum Management
  • TR-064
  • TR-069
  • VRRP