3G 4G LTE Backhaul


LTE backhaul product is based on innovative technology will support up to 2 Gbps. The product supports: Multi-cast, Broadcast, and Unicast functionality with integrated IPV4 & IPV6 Security. The LTE backhaul product is based on proprietary OFDM technology and provides the distance coverage of maximum 2.5 miles in the line of sight configuration and non-line of sight configuration will support up to 0.75 miles.  This device is an ultra-low power device, can operate with Solar cells, Hydrogen cells and POE. This design is IP67 standards compliant. The unit is designed to support ultra-high reliability and robustness for field deployments.

Key Features:

• Provide easy installation and high performance wireless connectivity of up to 40km

• IP67 waterproof housing endures almost any harsh environments

• Multiple operating modes including Base station, CPE, PTP and PTMP

• Support 64/128-bit WEP and 802.1X, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK&WPA2-PSK, etc

• Support WMM and Quality of service (QoS) for enhanced performance

• Proprietary Antenna Alignment Tool helps identify the antenna orientation with the best signal strength

• Buzzer design helps to determine the device power initial condition

• Super mode to boost the data rate up to 108Mbps

• Advanced management tools like SNMP and Secure Shell (SSH)

• User-friendly Web, SSH and SNMP-based management interface

3G Traffic Offload Device


SAI 3G Traffic offload Device integrates between Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular networks, which hampered operators from delivering a seamless and consistent subscriber experience to the exploding population of smartphone and tablet users. SAI has developed an innovative 3G Traffic Offload Device supporting up to 5 miles LOS mode and NLOS mode up to 1 mile. SAI Traffic offload device integrated with IPV4 and IPv6 Security to support triple applications for the customers.

SAI 3G Traffic Offload Device solves the following present mobile network operator’s problem:

Legacy 3G macro-cell architectures cannot provide density of coverage for today’s demanded applications such as access to rich media and social media networks. This translates into evolved network requirements that include:

• varying traffic demands and traffic mix,

• Constantly changing RF environments,

• Capacity limitations driving smaller cell deployments,

• Challenges in providing indoor coverage and

• Difficulties in acquiring sites where equipment can be installed.

With Wi-Fi embedded in virtually every mobile Internet device, common hotspot services have become an important component of effective coverage for today’s service providers worldwide that offer smartphones. 3G Traffic Offload Device offers cost-effective solution for the mobile operators to inject wireless capacity in areas of high usage, thereby alleviating the pressures on 3G/4G infrastructures caused by the explosion of mobile Internet data traffic. 3G Traffic Offload Device supports multiple operating modes/configurations: Base station, Relay, and CPE Device.