Digital Tele Health Mobile Platform Highlights:

Digital Tele Health Mobile Platform Highlights: COVID-19 Mobile Tele Health SAI is a leading provider of the COVID-19 Digital Health Mobile Platform approved for the US Nationwide Labs deployment. Connects Patients, Clinics, Doctors, Hospitals and Test Labs through video using Smart Mobile devices, Laptops, and PC’s. Breakthrough Innovation in Mobile Video, EHR, Collaboration, Cloud and Security.

COVID-19: Stages of Progress

  • Stage-1: - Cold, Cough, Fever, Body Pains
  • Stage-2: -Severe Cough and Breathing issue – See X-Ray
  • Stage-3 : - Dry cough, shortness of Breath requires ICU & Ventilator support
  • Stage-4: - Serious case in critical condition

Using kids

What should we use?

Mobile Video platform connecting COVID-19 Patient from his house, Doctor analyze Patient conditions, start treatment in parallel with Lab Tests,. COVID-19 impact reduction, recovery, or critical Patient condition based on dry cough and shortness of breath .

  • -Every Patient from Home isolation treatment started through Tele Health
  • -Every hourly based monitoring by Nurse, doctors and updates
  • -Fever, Respiratory conditions updates to the doctors
  • -Saves many beds , Ventilators for the stage 3 patients
  • -Patient, Nurse, Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics and Test Labs Sync
  • Timely treatment, saving human lives, & improving Effectiveness

  • COVID-19 is very unique platform brings mobile

  • Tele Health, EHR, Collaboration, Cloud, Test Labs, Hospitals into an integrated platform for efficiency

  • COVID-19 Mobile Video platform connects patients, doctors, test labs, & hospitals through Mobile Video HIPAA compliant.

  • Resources saves by 40% & Cost savings by 30%

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