Public Safety


File Support: Manage all types of data, including body cams, unit cams, Interview rooms, CCTV, Images, Audio, reports and more…

Security: SAI Patented security solutions go far beyond what is required by CJIS. Protecting the user, the network, files, storage, prevention, detection and action in real-time.

Data Encryption in Transit:

  • Robust TLS 1.2 implementation with 256 bit connection
  • RSA 2048 bit key
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy

Evidence Data Encryption at Rest:

  • 256 bit AES encryption

Evidence & Case Report Integrity:

  • Track
  • Prevent
  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Deny rights to users or departments
  • Grant access to user & departments

SAI protects the integrity of your evidence and will report end-to-end. You have complete visibility of the life cycle of the report and evidence knowing who, what, when and where the files or cases were accessed.

Alerts: SAI can alert designated departments or staff when a file has been opened or altered.

  • Supports any device
  • Escalations
  • Redundancy (alert of cell and email)
  • Deny access in real time

Artificial Intelligence: SAI Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows for predictable outcomes based on behavioral and routine patterns of the users or departments.

  • Automates searches
  • Recognize trends
  • Behavioral patterns

Analytics and Reports:

  • See historical view of recorded videos
  • See usage of users and departments
  • Customize your reports and view


  • CAD
  • RMS
  • Case Management System
  • Recording devices
  • 3rd party applications with our open API

Deployed: Very flexible deployment through

  • Cloud
  • On-prem
  • Hybrid
  • Supports any device