Video is permeating our educational institutions, transforming the way we teach, learn, study, communicate, and work. Harnessing the power of video to achieve improved outcomes—for example, a better grade in exams/assignments or more effective knowledge transfer—is becoming an essential skill. A key pillar in the drive towards improved digital literacy, video brings considerable benefits to educational institutions: streamlined admissions, increased retention, and improved learning outcomes.


Teaching & Learning

Enrich classroom experiences and increase student engagement

Use powerful video tools like Live video for remote learning, virtual class lectures.

More accurately measure student engagement with video-based analytics


Media Repository and Archiving

Organize your video collection and make it searchable and accessible to your students, teachers, staff and community.


Video Marketing, Admissions, Community & Alumni Relations

Connect with potential students, alumni, and the community by creating rich video experiences.


Ed Tech

Education publisher/Education technology company?

Leverage our flexible architecture to create video experiences within your application.

Reach Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

SAI Solutions supports adaptive streaming natively within the Video Core engine system.

Our Video Core engine detects the bandwidth and viewer device, and adjusts the flavor (combination of format, codex, size, quality) throughout playback to provide the best possible video quality. We also support for mobile devices and tablets.

SAI is emerging leader in HTML5 player development, and has adopted a mobile first approach for all delivery.