Growth is based on current mobile data services and applications, such as mobile games, mobile videos, and location-based check-in services.

This trend is expected to keep growing due to the appearance of new mobile services and applications. The significant growth in mobile traffic, new network services, and applications are pushing carrier network operators to upgrade their systems in order to meet new requirements and increasing customer demands.

Cisco forecasts have shown that mobile data traffic will grow by 61 % from 2013 to 2018.

The current mobile core networks rely on proprietary hardware appliances, which make it difficult to upgrade them as they become obsolete. The tightly coupling between the control plane and data plane makes the current mobile network very slow and complicated when new network services or innovations need to be implemented. The manual configuration for each device also brings burden to the network operation and maintenance. Last, the current mobile network manages network resources inefficiently.

In the mobile network, with the migration from hardware to software appliances, NFV is expected to lower not only the equipment cost (CAPEX) but also the operational cost (OPEX).

SAI provides very unique technology leadership in the 4G/5G Wireless, SDN, Unified Mobility Cloud and Cyber Security solutions.

SAI's 4G/5G Wireless core technology enables generation of various customized waveforms for the Defense and Aerospace applications, such as Software Defined Radio (SDR), Software Defined Networks (SDN)

SAI Technology's Current Offerings

  • LTE Advanced + WiFi Smart Base Stations
  • LTE + WiFi M2M Devices
  • LTE UE + WiFi AP Virtual CPE
  • LTE Advanced Virtual EPC (vEPC)
  • LTE Cloud RAN
  • Advanced LTE and WiFi Cloud Routers
  • Cyber Security Basic and Advanced Solutions
  • ANDSF (Access Network Discovery and Selection Function)
  • Mobile Cloud Management for Devices
  • Interference Management and Range Extension

SAI Secure SDN and Virtualization Use cases

Use cases

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