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CS - Video

CS - Video goes far beyond what HIPPA requires. We have developed the only video solution that protects a hospital at every stage of a video session and after.

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CS - Storage

CS - Storage protects the entire video process from end-to-end. Ensuring your data is completely secure beyond what HIPPA requires.

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Right Workflow

A successful telehealth solution is more than just a HIPAA-compliant video stream. Sai Technology's Healthcare solution was built from the ground up to meet the workflow requirements of medical professionals and allow patients to enter virtual waiting rooms with one click.

HIPPA Compliant

SAI Technology's Healthcare solution offers pricing plans to meet the needs of any medical provider or organization, including solo practitioners, clinics, provider networks, hospitals and large health systems. We are the most affordable option for a full-featured solution.

24/7 Support

Recognizing the wide range of patient and provider technical abilities, we designed our system for reliability and simplicity. To ensure comfort with the system, We are also proud to offer an industry-leading 24/7 tech support team.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel gives flexibility to navigate through hospital workflow management. Admin can schedule appointments, assign doctor to the patient, check billing and insurance information.

Doctor Panel

Using this dashboard a doctor can join a video session with his patients, Check his patients reports, X rays, files and also check his calendar for upcoming appointments.

Patient Panel

In this Dashboard, a patient can join and interact with his doctor, View his prescriptions, files, reports, recordings of previous video sessions and also check his schedule of future appointments.

Use case: "Seattle Children's Hospital"