• Granular User Dashboard:Takes control of your video sessions with SAI easy-to-use admin and end user Dashboards that can be branded to your overall look and needs.
  • Advanced Collaboration: Advanced tools, desktop sharing, white boarding, annotations, uploading images, videos, files, multi pane windows
  • Interoperability: Easily integrate with 3rd party applications with our open API’s, and also giving you the ability to leverage your existing applications and policies.
  • Security: SAI is the only video solution that protects your organization and clients from end-to end. SAI goes beyond what any video solutions offers in the way of security. We secure, protect, detect and take-action. To any vulnerability or threat before, during and after your video session

  • Deployed: Very flexible deployment through
    • Cloud
    • On-prem
    • Hybrid
    • Supports any device

Admin Panel

Admin Panel gives flexibility to navigate through hospital workflow management. Admin can schedule appointments, assign doctor to the patient, check billing and insurance information.

Doctor Panel

Using this dashboard a doctor can join a video session with his patients, Check his patients reports, X rays, files and also check his calendar for upcoming appointments.

Patient Panel

In this Dashboard, a patient can join and interact with his doctor, View his prescriptions, files, reports, recordings of previous video sessions and also check his schedule of future appointments.

Use cases

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